spring breakSpring Break is always such a special time of the year in Florida.  You can feel the energy and excitement of people of all ages while they bask in the sun, dips their toes in the surf and soak up all the best that Florida has to offer!

Did you know Spring Break dates back to the 1930’s?  But it really gained in popularity during the 70’s when college students took this time to relax and let off some steam.  Today, Spring Break is not limited to college students.  Many families take advantage of this time to travel, explore and create lasting memories.

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Top 3 Spring Break Must Haves!


Sea Glass Jewelry
Nothing screams you’ve been to the beach like a handcrafted piece of sea glass jewelry.  Whether you choose soothing blue, mellow green or vibrant purple, you will slide right into that tropical vibe with your stylish, ocean inspired sea glass piece. And the best part of owning a piece of sea glass jewelry is that it can truly make a statement all year long!

Inis Fragrance

Awaken your senses and envelope yourself in the clean fresh fragrance of the ocean.  A simple scent can bring you back to a special moment in time, and Inis will always bring you back to your happy place.
INIS Fragerance


Stainless Steel Beach Cups
No Spring Break vacation would be complete without your favorite frosty beverage.  There is no better eco-friendly thermal cup than Pirani. It will be the last one you ever purchase! Period!  Created in Lauderdale By The Sea, this “red solo cup” inspired thermal is perfect in size and function:  keeping your favorite sips just the right temperature for hours.  Pirani is the official cup of the famed Tortuga Festival.  Thousands of serious beach goers cannot be wrong!
Grab your Top 3 Spring Break essentials and hit the beach in style today!